Multani Anwar Ratol Export Quality Box


Gross Weight of the Box
Natural Produce
Carbide Free
Premium Export Quality Mangoes
Fresh Off the Farms
Take 3-5 days to ripe after dispatch


4.5 KG - 5 KG Box

Time of fruit availability:                         Last week of June

Average size of mature fruit 9 5-7 6-7 cm


Average weight per fruit                        200-250 grams

Fruit shape in cross section                  Broad elliptic

Color of peel                                         Lemon Yellow

Fruit Skin                                              Smooth

Pulp Color                                            Cadmium yellow

Total soluble solids                              24-26 Brix

Acidity                                                0.17-0.18%

Presence of fiber                               Very low just beneath

the skin

Distinguished traits                           Excellent flavor, highly

accepted by the consumers but shy bearers

Additional Information: 

   Weight                                                   5kg/10kg Box(Gross Weight)

  • Each mango is individually wrapped in tissue


Shipping and Delivery:

We offer free delivery all over Pakistan. Delivery is made through TCS and the product reaches its destination in 3-4 days after it has been dispatched

Free Delivery

Free delivery All over the Pakistan

Certified Organic

Certified Organic

Huge Savings

At Lowest Price

Easy Returns

No Questions Asked

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