Multani White Chaunsa Gift Box – Free Delivery

The golden-yellow Chaunsa originated in Multan and is a worldwide favorite due to its exceptional sweetness and uniquely pleasant aroma, soft flesh with only the minimum of fiber is considered the king of mangoes not just because of its juicy pulp and sweet taste but also because of its high nutritional value. It is said that Chaunsa was made popular by Sher Shah Suri, while celebrating his victory over Humayun at Chausa, he named his favorite mango Chaunsa.

The golden-yellowish Multani White Chaunsa is known to be as King of Mangoes among all the Mangoes.

As the Mango is beautiful in color, exceptionally Sweet, Uniquely Pleasant Taste and Super Strong Aroma  with a smooth flesh content. Therefore, Chaunsa is worldwide favourite and entitled to be as King of Mangoes. Chaunsa is a Top demanded Mango throughout the globe. That’s why,  a huge quantity of Chaunsa is exported every year.

The origin of Chaunsa Mango is Multan. However, it is also cultivating in other Areas of Pakistan. So, the availability of original Multani Chaunsa with the combination of Special Big Size & Best Quality is Rare.

But Now, having High Quality Multani Chaunsa is Super Easy, that’s what Multanpoint is all about.
Multanpoint provides you the best possible available variety of Pure Multani Chaunsa from the best selected gardens of Multan.

Why Multanpoint?

1. Totally Carbide Free

2. Ethylene Free

3. We Direct send Fresh Plucked Mangoes from Gardens to Your Home.

4. Gift Quality & Packing

5. Good Size

6. Free Delivery (From Multan Garden to your Home)

7. 7 Days Money Back or Claim Guarantee


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