Majestic Mangoes of Pakistan.

Monsoon is in full-swing, and with it come the much-awaited Multani Mangoes, the king of all mangoes. Pakistanis take their mangoes very seriously, it’s the fruit that sends most of us into raptures, as Mirza Asaullah Khan Ghalib, the last great poet of the Mughal era, accurately states: “Aamon main buss do khubiyan honi chahiyen, ek meethe hon aur bohut saare hon.” (Mangoes need to have two qualities, they need to be sweet and there needs to be plenty.), this sentiment is shared by majority of the mango-lovers in Pakistan. One mango just won’t do, bring us a basket full of  Anwar Ratols,a few Multani Chaunsa’s and a knife, followed by a jug of kachi (milk diluted with water) and we’re sorted for the day. Don’t blame us, the intoxicatingly strong aroma and sweetness of the Pakistani mangoes speaks for itself, they are without a doubt irresistible.

Premium Quality Multani Mangoes from Pakistan have earned themselves quite a spectacular spot in the international market especially Middle-East and UAE with the demands rising each year. Pakistan being the fourth largest exporter of mangoes, cultivates mangoes in large quantities up to 1.8 million tones. It the second largest fruit crop of Pakistan, the first being oranges. The reason behind the exceptional taste and quality of Pakistani mangoes is the well-irrigated lands of Punjab and Sindh along with the perfect temperature and soil conditions. Mango is mostrly cultivated in Multan, Bahawalpur and Rahim Yar Khan in Punjab and Mirpur Khas and Thatta in Sindh. Out of which Multan is the most renowned around the world for its mangoes, the quality of mangoes produced here is second to none.  Some of the best-selling varieties that Multan has to offer are Anwar Ratol, Chaunsa, Multani Dusehri and Multani Sindhri.

For the promotion of the fruit in both local and international markets, Government of Pakistan is arranging events like the Mango Festival in Rahim Yar Khan to make the best, farm fresh, premium quality mangoes be available in the market at the most affordable prices. We’re hopeful that with the rising demands in the international market, mango farmers in Pakistan can keep with the demands.

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